A Note From Vapist MD:

Vapist MD is owned by a U.S. Veteran and operated by family. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and offer everything from starter kits to advanced gear.  Our pricing stacks up lower than any other B&M shop in the area.



Mike is a retired U.S. Air Force Veteran.  He began his vaping journey after smoking for 20+ years.  Nothing worked to quit until an eGo landed in his hands.  He has now been vaping for more than 3+ years and wanted to help others in their struggle to quit smoking.  He started Vapist MD to do just that.

The real brains behind Vapist MD lies with Dede.  She is the co-owner and main point of contact for any and all sales. If you're looking to do business with us, you will most likely be speaking with her. 

As the virtual face of Vapist MD, Leah runs the social media and promotional side of the company.  While helping run the physical shop, she will soon be running our e-commerce as well.



Vapist MD